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(PRWEB) October 20, 2002

free coffee substitutes. “Quitting coffee has never been this easy (or tasty) until now for

celiacs,” says Marina Kushner, founder & CEO of Soy Coffee, LLC.

In a world of coffee substitutes, Soyfee is made from pure non-gmo organic soybeans. “We don’t use grains like barley, a gluten, commonly found in traditional substitutes,” says Marina Kushner. “Nor do we use added sweeteners”

People with celiac disease are unable to metabolize gluten. When digested, celiac sufferers have a reaction that destroys the villi on the small intestines, which is responsible for moving the nutrients out of the small intestines and into the bloodstream. This leaves the body unable to absorb many nutrients including water. There is no known cure and sufferers must remove all sources of gluten from their diet. The most common sources of gluten include barley, wheat, oats and rye. Unfortunately, gluten is also in common fillers and sweeteners.

According to the American Medical Association, about one in 300 Americans suffers from celiac disease. Often this disease goes undetected until symptomsdevelop: including diarrhea,constipation, gas,excessive weight loss, and abnormal nutrient

deficiencies. If allowed to progress, they may develop diseases such as osteoporosis, lymphoma, and colon


Sadly, the disease is hard to detect because everyone has different symptoms. To be accurately diagnosed,you must continue to consume the gluten. Blood tests are then administered to screen for antibodies to gluten. Because Soy Coffee LLC is dedicated to their customers with the disease, the latest updates,accurate information, and links to labs and other

resources are available at

Smooth and vitamin rich, Soyfee taste just like

traditional coffee while offering important nutrients(such as isoflavones) that coffee does not provide. Like coffee, Soyfee is best brewed. Unlike coffee,Soyfee is free of caffeine and stomach churning acids.The soybeans are certified kosher & certified organic.Soyfee is available in seven varieties: originalroast, dark roast, hazelnut, french vanilla, mocha,almond amaretto and house blend. The flavors are all natural and contain no propylene glycol.

For more information about Soyfee, visit them at or email at

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